why must we wait?

why are we always waiting for something? a friend to change their thinking, a nation to issue a passport, a season to come, a rainstorm to pass... why are we waiting? why not live and love in the middle of the waiting? why not embrace the pain and hurting? why not embrace the journey? why must we love so much and trust so little? why not realize that the waiting and hoping and crying and raging and longing is a part of shaping us into who we will be? we must wait and keep waiting until we learn that the waiting is what we were supposed to be doing all along. the waiting is what will make us see the wonder of who Christ is. the peace that only He can bring. not in a midwestern wife kind of way where everything is honey and apple pie, but in a God way where there is an all-encompassing presence of hope and joy and love. when we learn to find joy in the waiting we learn to find joy in the divine knowledge of who we are and who we will be. when we find joy in the waiting we will find trust and hope.