I <3 free stuff!!

okay. i have a confession - i LOVE free stuff. it is the whole reason i love to go to state fairs. when i get a free sample in the sunday paper you would think i won the lottery. so you can only imagine how excited i was to find the bloggy giveaways. and then a few days after my discovery, they had a carnival of giveaways!!! so i have spent the week entering over 600 giveaways. i gotta win something, right?


Kathy, Jeff's wife said...


I couldn't find your email address so I need to leave a comment. You did not win my quilting class give away, but I am giving a great discount to everyone that commented.

Thank you for taking part in my give away!

Susanne said...

And looks like you won twice Anna! You have won the signed Amy Grant print. Please email me through me profile page with your mailing particulars and I will get that in the mail this week.

Your comment was sweet and I hope your friend really enjoys it.