cough syrup with codeine...

is highly recommended. i am under the influence right now so i am not responsible for anything i say, er type. jen, you are full of crap. lol okay so.. the doctor said i have nothing more serious than a very stubborn sinus infection. so i have the aforementioned drug along with some allergy stuff and an antibiotic. hopefully this will be the end of my 2 week illness and i can get back to enjoying my summer. we hit the beach on sunday. so so nice. i do not think i could live far from the shore. i guess living in this house my whole life and being 2 blocks from the shore has spoiled me somewhat. i just know that if i couldn't just lay my eyes on a beautiful sandy beach at the drop of a hat, i would be in the crazy farm. maybe that is where i belong now. these drugs are getting to me. so i say buh bye with a picture of this one and mel and me from jen's last visit here. oh, that man was so nice to offer to take our photo. yeah. creepy just about sums it up.


Erik-Karen-Kyra said...'s now Thursday. By my count you've missed two days. But, given you're out of town, I will give you a free pass.
Hope you're well and the ceremony was a powerful closure.

Love yas.

this is us said...

do we all have the whitest legs ever?