i am a slacker...

or at least i am in the keeping up with my blog arena... things have been a little eventful here. i ended up having a last minute root canal which resulted in an infection and some serious drugs for pain and yummy laughing gas for my dental hatred, um, nerves. mel and i went to north carolina this weekend and visited her parents. and i got fabric for felicia's sweet fall quilt that she won. i think it is going to have a vintage-y feel so i hope she will like it. i am also working on a calendar swap and trying to get my new sewing/creative space sorted and ready for action. oh! and today i got my pay it forward from this awesome lady in the uk! it was such an amazing surprise. i can't wait to surprise my person. i will post pics of all this excitement, sans root canal tooth, as soon as i get my camera dug out of my weekend bag. happy tuesday.
be brave!
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