be a follower...

okay, so the blogger people are geniuses. or maybe i am just a little slow. i was taking a little too much time out of my real job checking blogs to see who had updated and, i must admit, getting a little frustrated when there was not a new post. then i discovered that the blogger people have something to fix that. you can follow blogs. you just put in their name on your dashboard and it tells you when someone on your list has updated their blog. i am in love with the person who came up with that. i can check on all of my blog friends with one click. you can follow anonymously or with the blogger knowing that you are following.
i also want you to follow donna downey in her quest to make the world more creative. that is why i have her cute button over there on the left. she has inspired me in more ways than one. i know she will inspire you too!
be brave, friends!
<3 anna