friday thankful...

so, one of my nieces was upset because i didn't put her in the picture thankfuls yesterday so today i am doing thankfuls all about my nieces and nephews...
* that petey found a husband who loves her and helps keep her sane
* that anne is one of the smartest people i know
* that jake doesn't really seem to care what people think of him
* that andrew has a great laugh
* that allie has the best hugs
* that matt has a great sense of humor
* that God brought jaso & avi into our lives
* that mia is so embarrassed by her mom already
* that noah loves to read the phone book
* that jaso dances with her daddy
* that avi is doing everything he can to aggravate his mom
* that anne and i are becoming friends as well as family
* that jake calls me just to talk
* that matt has great practical jokes - veggies
* that andrew will play video games with us for hours and still want more
* that allie wants to make crafts with me
* that i got to be there when jake was born
* that petey still calls us each week even though she lives in japan
* that andrew loves baseball so much
* that i am lucky enough to be the one that gets to be their aunt


Kris said...

:-D I LOVE YOU! I am so glad that you are my aunt! I think you and Mel are the bestest ever! I love you guys! *hugs*