i am not only posting this to get more entries...

well, maybe i am. so my friend, weenie, is having a challenge. you should go to her blog and read about it. and tell her to pick me.
today was full of cleaning and quilting. more of the former, unfortunately. but it had to be done. and the house smells clean. don't you just love that smell? well, i have to give a shout out to dyson... i mean i know you dyson folks visit my blog daily, so i will have to tell you that your vacuums ROCK!! feel free to send me a new one. there's nothing wrong with the old one, but i like the new pink pretty ones. but i digress... so in all of our frantic cleaning i sucked up 3 pair of earrings that fell under my dresser. here's the part where the shout out comes in. so, my best friend and roommate were having a contest to see who had more crap under their dresser. sick, i know... but when i sucked up the earrings she claimed i was in fact the dirtiest. but then when i looked in the clear part i saw my earrings. thank you dyson. you saved my earrings. oh, and i should say i think mel is actually the dirtiest because she had an egg from easter under her dresser... real nice, huh?
so today i am grateful for...
1. a shiny clean bathroom
2. a best friend who will be the one who cleans the bathroom
3. flea medicine
4. my singer sewing machine that quilts as good as any long arm
5. seashells
6. old family photos
7. sudoku
8. ordering dinner in
9. washers and dryers
10. cozy slippers
11. rain
12. fall trees
13. baby kittens
14. memories triggered by smells
15. music
16. contact lenses
17. laughter
18. dr. seuss
19. free wifi
20. dreams


morningDove said...

the Easter egg dust bunny is so funny. Aren't we too busy to clean?!