so according to blogger i haven't posted here in a while, but i think they are wrong. i have written at least two posts a day to you my friends. i can't help it if blogger can't go into my brain and type up all of the clever words i am thinking while i am changing the cat box or working on a tax return... so i guess those don't count. whatever.
big stuff is going on around here. but my lips are sealed - for now. i can tell you that my evil cat, jack, must have found Jesus because he is all about loving me now. and if his heart can be changed, anything is possible.
i wanted to share this AWESOME show i watched on pbs last night - i think it was last night... all of the days are melting together. anyways...
it was an amazing documentary on origami. it is breathtaking. you have to watch it. i mean it. it makes my paper cranes look like trash, but it is truly amazing to see what these artist do with a piece of paper.
go. watch it. comment.
be brave, friends...
<3 anna

the photo is courtesy the pbs website... and the seahorse is origami... told you - it will blow your mind.