the sixty four thousand dollar question...

and the one i dread the most.
not just because of the unavoidable judgement it begs, but also because i am not sure of the answer - at least i'm not entirely sure.
"so what are you going to do now that you sold your business?"
for some reason "lay around the house in my pajamas and watch ncis reruns" does not seem to be a good answer.
i spent a good portion of last year trying to figure myself out. i would not recommend it. you will find some ugly things that should stay hidden from view, but i digress...
so as i was asking myself why i was selling the business and what i would do, i realized that i was taking a BIG leap and if i was going to do that then i needed to make it count. i want to do what makes me truly happy. what do i love? what things make me want to jump out of bed in the morning and actually change out of my pjs and avoid tony and mcgee on the tube?
for me it is 2 things... handcraft and teenagers.
so the answer to the question falls into those two categories. i am not exactly sure what those two areas of my life will look like. but i know that IF i have to have a "job" - and apparently the power company doesn't want to give me electricity for free...whatever - then i want to be doing something that i love and something that i believe is making a difference in the world.
i don't know what will pan out, but i want to...
teach classes in handcraft techniques to adults and children
make quilts
teach quilting
metalize the world and teach others to do the same
teach teenagers that they are truly loved by a God that created them to make a difference in the world
develop and run a christian leadership camp for teenagers
disciple teens
help teenagers figure out what talents and abilities God has given them and how they can use those talents to share His love
inspire others to chase whatever dream is living quietly in their heart
i hope you will come with me on the journey. it wouldn't be any fun without you!
be brave, friends...
<3 anna


Heather @36 balloons said...

you have much to share. can you start by teaching me to quilt? quilter in residence perhaps? :-)

Rachel said...

You're the brave one, Anna!