so, yeah...

teresa collins didn't pick me. but it is all good... now. in the end i think she was really looking for more of a scrapbooker than someone who is a mixed-media-let-the-product-inspire-you kind of artist. thankfully i have some amazing friends and co-workers at Beach Scrapbooks who have been very supportive and encouraging. so that's all good. i have 4 classes on the january calendar at Beach Scrapbooks, so if you are local or if you really love me you can sign up for one or all of those. 
i did want to show you the pretiness that i created and submitted for the tc design team so here are the photos.

this is a holiday sign that you just switch from thanksgiving to christmas.

 this is a tissue box cover that i made with the welcome home line.

and finally, i made christmas mini-album. my favorite parts are on these two pages. on the left is mel looking in her stocking. she is always. that. happy. when she opens her stocking. no matter what is inside. and on the right is my nannie who passed away a few years ago with two of my nephews and my littlest niece. nannie always had a twinkle in her eye and i am so thankful that we were able to have her live with us near the end of her life. 
be brave, friends...
<3 anna


Casii said...

I think you rock! If I were closer, I'd totally stalk your classes at Beach. :)

It's not a rejection from Team Collins, it's a course correction to find your target audience. ((Hugs))