so i have been reading tons of crafty blogs lately and getting really inspired. i have been playing around with starting a school spirit line of bags and accessories for high school students. i'm not sure. i need to do something creative - accounting isn't getting all that excess creative energy out of me. i think about quilting and sewing all day while i am doing payrolls - that has to be a sign. anyways i LOVE the blogs of these two supercool ladies - Anna Maria Horner (nevermind that her last name is the same as the guy i was madly in love with in college - who subsequently broke my heart) and Heather Bailey. i read their blogs religiously every day and find myself wishing i was one of their little daughters so that they could teach me everything they know about sewing. i have learned so much already. Heather had a tutorial on sewing yo-yos and i took my scraps and started handsewing all these beautiful little yo yos that will one day be on my favorite quilt. i love that we can inspire one another on these blogs. thanks Anna Maria and Heather for blogging so that the rest of the world can learn from you!! you guys ROCK!!