i have an addictive personality. i can admit it. but just recently i have realized that my addiction to blog reading is more important to me than work. i find myself thinking about what is going on with my bff or with super crafty her and her. and then i just have to stop doing payrolls to go and find out and then they write about someone super cool so i have to see what they are talking about and then their friends are pretty cool too and i just have to see what is going on there. and a lot of them are australian and talking about how warm it is and that makes me want to read about their super cool lives with their super cool accents and then i get all jealous because i am an american and have no super cool accent and can't even impersonate one very well. then i start thinking about what other countries look like from the air (google earth ROCKS!!) and so i have to check them out which makes me wonder if they have updated my house yet and i need to find that out so i do and wonder about the rest of my neighborhood and then i am back thinking about her house and i check it out to see if i can spot any snow. by that time it is five and i wonder where the day has gone and why i have so much work to finish.
so now i am on rations. creative & blog reading rations. for every 4 hours of work, i get one hour of creative exploration. now i find myself rationalizing that this and this aren't really creative exploration and that i would be a really bad friend if i didn't check them every hour.
is there a 12 step program for this?


Jennifer said...

1st step in the 12 step program is to link to me TWELVE times in one post - not just four. ;)