apparently i am old. i have come to this conclusion because i hurt my knee. now when i say i hurt my knee i was not proactive in trying to hurt my knee. as a matter of fact i wasn't doing anything. we were at some friends' house for dinner and watching the football game and as i was sitting in their rocking chair (see i am old) my knee started hurting. i came home and iced it and when i woke up this morning i thought, "great! it feels better!" and then i got out of bed. so my mantra for today is "ouch" "ow" "geez that hurts" or something else that sounds like an old lady shuffling down the nursing home hallway. i mean really - sitting in a rocking chair. REALLY?


the Isaacs said...

sounds like rocking chair tendonitis to me. :(

the Isaacs said...

oh - love the new look! nice how you omitted the "slobbery and snory" bit about the english-bulldog. ;)