hello world

i have reentered the rest of the world. tax season is over. it has been for a week, but i am just now waking from my fog of extensions, e-file rejects and last minute clients wanting a miracle that, as of yet, i am unable to perform. i always have the same feeling each year - like i have missed out on a whole bunch of life in the past 3 months. this year was worse actually since mel has a "real job". momma helped out a lot - as much as she could - but it was a bear i must say. my neighbors 2 doors down moved out without me even realizing it. so, yeah i have been a little out of touch. i have emerged from my work cave and am in full spring mode - alive and happy to be among the rest of the world. cleaning, building a shed, doing some shopping and actually making plans for the weekends again. now maybe i will actually be able to do some crafty things. so, hello world, here i come!


Kristy said...

So glad you've re-entered the world again. I hope the next few weeks will be full of relaxation (and maybe some creativity!). Look forward to seeing you soon!