i figured out

why people don't blog daily. there really isn't anything to write about. at least nothing exciting enough that you want to put it out there for the rest of the world to see and judge. you know those lame posts like, oh had a good day hope yours was too. why even bother? well, since i have committed to daily blogging (and jen doubted my ability to do so) i HAVE to blog something. so, today was boring. EXCEPT!!! i won!!! i won a collection of fat quarters from my new friend, the weenie who owns this great fabric store! and it was all due to my clever wit and rhetoric. so, go over there and buy something or comment on her blog cause she is really cool!!!


Sarah Markley said...

you won something????

i NEVER WIN anything. ever. really.

so, congrats! =)

AND, thank you so much for all the sweet comments lately on my blog, Anna.

this is us said...

is that a picture of the quarters you won? so cute!

this is us said...

um. making bbb pj's? for someone who is not me? um - what? ok = i may not know what bbb pj's are - but i DO know i want you to make ME some. do you not recall how spoiled i am? not to mention that now that i homeschool, i wear pj's all day. stop promising such things to other bloggers and promise them in the correct blogger direction.

paula :: plays with mud said...

Congrats on the win! Those quarters are so cute!