saturday 8.23.08

so if you are counting - karen - i did miss yesterday. but it wasn't my fault. i actually had no internet so i couldn't post. my project for this weekend is getting my office moved around. there were 3 of us working in there but now we only have 2, so i realized the other week that i could be a lot more efficient if i didn't have to get up every fifteen minutes to get supplies that are stored at my old workstation. and to make it even better i would have enough space to create a sewing area. i have been trying to sew at least twenty minutes or so every day and this will make that so much easier. and maybe i will finish my first few projects that i have been wanting to put up on etsy. hopefully i will have an after picture soon. so we had to unplug and re route all my cables and cords. i am now back in the 21st century. what in the world did we do before we had internet?