i'm it!

my dear, sweet, amazing, intelligent, funny best friend tagged me. and actually, i have never been tagged so i was a little excited. so i am supposed to say seven things about me. here goes...

1. it bugs me when blog posts do not have pictures. and cz said that pictures make your blog cool. and i need to be cool... so you will get pictures too. (the one in the photo who is way to excited about tj's is jen, the tagger.)

2. the house i now own is my childhood home. my family moved in shortly before i was born (35 years ago), my mother raised us here and after college and my mother's heart attacks, i returned home to care for momma. i don't know what it is like to not have a place in the world where i know that i always have and always will belong. no matter where i go, this place will always be home. i have some memory of every single room in this house of every stage of my life. it is a pretty good place to call home. (the picture is actually the "back house" on our property where mel and i lived before we started renting it out. now we live in the "big house".)

3. i am an introvert. as a youth leader, God challenged me greatly to reach out to students and to be comfortable in front of large groups. i do enjoy spending time with close friends, but it is hard for me to get excited about going - even though i always have a great time once i am there. i am definitely most comfortable at home alone with a book, art supplies or my sewing machine. i am thankful that i have such great friends who encourage me to get out of my comfort zone - or else i would be queen of the hermits. well, maybe princess... i think momma has the hermit queen title in her firm grip. (photo by Valentinian on flickr.com)

4. i have always had tons of pets in my life. even at moody, we snuck a kitten in for a week. growing up we each (four of us) had a cat and had a family dog. we also had hamsters, a bunny and fish - not all at the same time, mind you, but the minimum animals we have had in the house is 3. i didn't realize that our abundance was unusual until my childhood friend came by years later with her fiancee and said, "yeah, this was the best house. we had so much fun and there were always animals crawling all over." i will not tell you how many animals we presently have, but there is still room for olive.

5. i love hello kitty. i don't know why, but that little cat is so cute. i have underwear, jewelry, and a build a bear hello kitty. i love her, but i cannot explain it.

6. i was editor-in-chief of my college newspaper (that is my dorm building in the pic). it was challenging and very scary and one of the times in my life where i learned to lean on Christ. i had no experience and honestly, i think the advisor had no other choice. but i was excited and any editor is better than no editor. i was successful - due in no part to my abilities or knowledge. we received high desination from the college ap for the year i was editor. i was stretched and pushed in ways i didn't know were possible. i still dream about what it would be like to be a high powered newspaper editor. this does not mean i want all you genius grammarians to start correcting me. unless i really sound like an idiot.

7. i really want to work at target. i love the store. it is pretty and clean and i really want to use one of those "bleepers". you know the things that you use to ring up the items. but alas, they don't want me. so i will still hunger from afar and get my fix by going through the self checkout lanes whenever i come across one.

so there you have it. so now, who do i tag???
big mama