i made history today...

by voting. it has been amazing to see how this election has excited the entire country. no matter what you believe, it is a change that we are actually believing something. whatever happens i hope that our country will unite to be a better place for kids to grow up. a place where kids believe in their government and want to work to make america a place that we can be proud of.
as i stood in line for 45 minutes today talking to the other voters around me i realized a few things...
1. we are all pretty much the same - we want to believe in our country.
2. there was definitely an excitement during this election day that was not there in any other election i have voted.
3. i am going to change my last name to something that begins with one of the letters of H through O. there was no voting line for those people.


Melb. said...

Anna, I know I say this about all your posts but you crack me up. I enjoy your blogs.

And yes, you are correct. We are all basically the same.