i really am thankful...

even if i do forget to post one day. not that i forgot yesterday... um, i just wanted to give you two posts today to make friday extra special! so here is the first installment of you friday blogging excitement...
1. veggie tales
2. a fun night last night with my bff, the burrito. thank God she didn't wear the costume
3. mexican food
4. a nice unseasonably warm day today
5. fridays
6. to do lists
7. my fancy new bike
8. that it isn't supposed to rain today so maybe i can ride my bike
9. friends who trust you with their secrets
10. donald miller
11. kristin chenoweth
12. christmas music
13. ideas
14. fabric
15. paint
16. staples
17. post its
18. cell phones
19. tivo
20. eye drops


Melb. said...

Now pick 30 and scrap it all! Are you a scrapbooker???

this is us said...

I love eye drops too.