distance makes the heart grow fonder...

at least that is what i am counting on... my dashboard says that i haven't written on here since the tenth, but i refuse to believe that. so, here i am eight days later with a bundle of things in my head to tell you. i must resort to a list. but mel took my camera to work with her so i don't have any pics to put up here... sorry.
1. today is my birthday.
2. we had such a great time with friends in richmond. there is a beautiful area called the fan where there are all these old restored houses. they opened them up for a holiday decoration tour. it was so beautiful! there was a tree that was nine feet tall and had over 2000 christopher radko ornaments. you couldn't even see tree. but best of all it was a great time with great friends.
3. today is my birthday
4. our church had our annual "talent or lack thereof" show on sunday. it was hilarious as usual, but next year i think we need to just leave out the word talent...
5. today is my birthday
6. a box for one of my swaps got lost in the mail - or at the mail store, actually - so i had to put together a quick swap and now i am working feverishly on an additional gift.
7. oh, yeah... today is my birthday!

be brave...


Susan Beth said...

Happy Birthday! And the talent/no talent show title makes it very easy to imagine this being quite funny!

Kris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn't forget, but I was working so I wasn't able to call you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THOUGH! And I found what I want to get you for your birthday, so in the beginning of January you must expect a gift, please email me what address you would like for me to send it to. LOVE YOU!

Your FAVORITE niece, (heehee)
Petey Pies