i know

that the 15th has come and gone, but for me the crazyness of tax season doesn't slow down until the end of april. so keep your pants on, people (jen!), i will be back really soon. promise. in the mean time enjoy the picture of my olive with a mullet.
<3 anna


Melb. said...

Anna Banana! You are alive!!!! Thanks for chcking in with your readers. I have missed you. Love the pic of Olive.

this is us said...

must i keep my pants on? some people are so bossy.

Casii said...

Tax season is over. Inspired has come and gone. Come back, come back, wherever you are!

Guess what?
I have 34 kids for a lock-in tonight and for one of our games, they'll be challenged to eat a Happy Meal as fast as they can. There's a trick to it though; we're putting it in a blender! Bwahahaha!

So glad to meet you and call you friend!