catching up in 12 photos...

first i need to say thanks for all the great encouragement for my 5k run. i can use it. i will keep you guys updated as i sink further into insanity.
so since i was gone for while, i thought i would let you know what i have been up to. and i hate posts without photos so here goes...

1. this was the view on my desk for the last month or so of tax season. thank you mr. bronchitis and your cousin ms. sinus infection. please do not visit again.
2. a rose from my mother's day boquet that olive gave me.
3. the elephants we saw at the zoo on the way home from the inspired workshop. they stood really still for the photos. we even got to pet them.
4. my VERY VERY VERY cool new friends that i met at inspired. big hugs to you all!
5. the heather bailey project that i did at inspired. this is her sample.
6. a close up of an iris from our front yard this spring.
7. olive enjoying a spring afternoon
8. purple flower from our yard. wisteria? lilac? purple flower.
9. my pages for the art journal swap
10. mel and i with our nephew, ben who is now deployed to afghanistan. please pray for his safety as he is in a high risk job. he is a big joker and we love him!
11. lily looking introspective.
12. a furry friend in the front yard on the famous purple flowers.

that catches you up with the exception of 2 weddings, an artist workshop (AMAZING!!!), a babysitting trip to houston, a 6 month old bulldog in heat, a 7 month old bulldog getting "fixed", 200+ tax returns, a best friend with a broken toe, a best friend with a pulled tendon in her back, a funeral, a bridal shower, a best friend's birthday, quiltfest, and a partride in a pear tree.
well, maybe not that last part but you never know around here.
be brave, friends...


this is us said...

LOVE the new banner. SO pretty! And YOU are so pretty in that number 10 picture!

Mia says to say she misses you. She's not the only one!

heather said...

email me a copy of that group pic pretty please? I didn't take any pics there. 200+ returns--now that is the insane part girl!

p.s. you're not helping my dog lust!