dear body,

we need to talk.
apparently you are under the assumption that we are actually 35 years old. i mean, you act like i have spent the last thirty five years drinking soda, eating junk and not exercising. and maybe i have but that is not the point. the point is that i have no problem running a 5K and i mean running the entire 3.1 miles. i did it last night in my sleep, that's how easy it is for me. but you... you refuse. now that i think of it, it is your fault. you are the one who became addicted to pepsi and pizza. okay, i admit that i allowed those indulgences from time to time, but i am in youth ministry. how am i not supposed to drink soda and eat pepsi when i need to do that to share Christ's love with teenagers? but the rest of the time it was all you. you know, i think you have planned this from the like laying around on the couch doing nothing. well, that is over now, mister... we will be participating in that 5K on saturday even if i have to drag your sorry body over the finish line and then resuscitate you when it is all over.
i will expect an apology from you soon.


Cameron said...

Good luck with the 5K on Saturday! Good for you! :)

mgs2588 said...

You're too funny, friend! Way to put your body in its place! You're gonna ROCK on Saturday!

this is us said...

you are going to be awesome!!!!! please post pictures right away! then maybe you could share some of Christ's love - oh, I mean pizza - with me?