texas + pjs + metal = bliss

last may i went to an artist retreat where i discovered ten seconds studios. i loved the class that cheryl taught there and was instantly smitten with hand embossing metal. so when i found out that they offered a certification class where i could learn all about the yumminess that tss has to offer, it took about 2 milliseconds for me to sign up. the class was held over a long weekend and we learned everything from embossing to antiquing to using molds with embossing machines. we stayed at the bra-free retreat house that is run by the tss gang. i was in heaven. from thursday night until sunday morning i was able to create to my heart's content... in my pjs...with an unlimited supply of m&ms. megan, jeff and cheryl (the tss gang) are really great. we were provided with tons of supplies and given a discount on additional product that weekend. that said, they don't take themselves seriously at all and i laughed as hard as i created. so today i am going to share some pictures of "the warehouse" of tss. this is where day classes are offered and all of the product is stored and from where the product is shipped. check out their site - you can watch a few taco tuesday videos to see how crazy this gang is.


Casii said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous! I lurved the TSS class we had last spring. Gotta go get my supplies out and play soon.

I hope to see some Show & Tell soon!