Because I might have early onset dementia...

I have started a new blog. I have to admit, I have trouble remembering the books that I read. I usually remember if I liked them, but often times I will not remember the story line.  I have a friend who occasionally asks me for book recommendations and I always have to clamor through my brain to come up with a title.
I wish I were the type that could spout off not only the title and author, but also character names and major themes. I am lucky if I remember the color of the book cover.
Maybe too much of my brain is consumed with reality TV story lines... nah, that can't be it.
So, in an attempt to jog my memory and as a gift to Karen and all my bookworm friends, I will now be blogging about books that I have read. I will give a bit of a review and sum up my thoughts about the book. Hopefully this will prevent me from getting two thirds of the way through a book and then realizing that I have read the book before. At least not again... why do they change the color of the book covers anyways?